The number 13 has been stereotyped as unlucky number. Reasons date back to Norse mythology. It eventually spread to the western world. Of course this is all just superstition but some of us are more superstitious than we care to admit. Do you hold your breath when driving past a cemetery, avoid cracks or knock on wood?

Some don't mind at all and actually celebrate the day. They don't exactly walk under ladders or break mirrors all day but you could catch a Friday the 13th marathon on television.

I love horror movies especially old slasher movies. The Friday the 13th franchise is right there at the top and Jason Vorhees has got to be on the Mount Rushmore of horror movie villains.

Jason attacked camp counselors at Crystal Lake after some careless teens let him drown as a child. Camp Crystal Lake was a fictional place based off of a campsite not far from here. Camp Crystal Lake is a fictional camp made up for the film but the real camp used at the backdrop for the film is called Camp NoBeBoSco. The 380-acre lot is used as a Boy Scout camp in New Jersey's  Kittatinny Mountains.

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The Friday the 13th franchise brought us 12 films and today I was thinking about one that most people forget. I'm talking about the 8th film in the franchise, Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan

Jason Vorhees took a short break from terrorizing camp councilors and decided to roam the streets of New York City.

Here's a great scene from the movie where a few punks try to mess with Jason and quickly realize they are in way over their head.


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