This summer, it's all about doing extravagant things affordably. Here's how you can live on a private island in Upstate New York for as low as $600 per-person.

Warmer weather means it's time to head to the water, and while the Hudson River is beautiful to look at, it's not exactly the place to take a leisurely swim. It also doesn't have mansions on private islands for you and your friends to rent. That's why you need to look a bit further north.

Rent a Private Island in New York

Whiskey Island Lodge, located on the St. Lawrence River in the northern reaches of New York State, is just one of the many luxurious places you can call (temporary) home this summer. First built in 1875, its name reflects early ties to bootleggers from the 1920's prohibition era, but the home has been renovated with fancy modern amenities like a commercial kitchen and newly-constructed boathouse. Here's how you can rent it for a bargain.

Whiskey Island Lodge on the St. Lawrence River

A week-long rental at Whiskey Island Lodge costs roughly $8,500. That may seem steep at first, but even if it was just one guest staying for the seven days, $1,200 per-night for a private island doesn't sound so bad. But here's the kicker: Whiskey Island Lodge is available for up to 15 guests.

Rent with Your Friends!

$8,500 split 15 ways works out to each guest being responsible for roughly $570 for their stay... that's a bargain no matter where you take your vacation, let alone an island with eight bedrooms, a commercial kitchen, a deck for swimming, a separate cottage, and more. Even if Whiskey Island Lodge isn't your specific taste, there's other islands available to rent, too. Check them out here.

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