Game on! There's a retro gaming convention coming to Upstate New York.

Do you remember your first video game console? What was it? I had an older brother so he usually picked what system we'd have in the the house. I remember the first system we had was the SEGA Master System. Throughout my life a new system was been released every few years. With every new system we probably believed that they couldn't get any better.

We have come a long way since the system of the 80's and 90's when it comes to console games. Do remember blowing into you cartridges to get them to work? Now you can just download them instantly. If you held on to any of your old games or systems they could be worth a lot of money. My old SEGA Master System is going for well over $200 on eBay right now.

What will video games look like in 20 or 30 years from now? It's hard to tell be it's always fun to take a nostalgic look back.

Retro Video Game Convention in Syracuse, New York.

A retro game convention is coming to Syracuse in October. Their website advertises fun for fans of video games, tabletop games and there are even video game tournaments. You can get more information at their website here.

The convention is one the largest video game expos in New York Sate.