Netflix has just released a new stand-up comedy special featuring Ricky Gervais. The famed British comedian works a crowd in his brutal yet eloquent fashion. Stand-up comedy takes a certain level of skill to win over audiences at a local level however Gervais has international fame and for good reason.

He is an artist, a conductor of people if you will. Very few comics can take an offensive topic and make it funny, out of a small group of successful word smiths, he is one of the best.

His new special "Humanity" is now available on Netflix and is worth the watch. Within the first 20 minutes of his performance I had to pause it because I couldn't breathe. I was laughing so hard and I was the only human in the room, my dog watched too but didn't find it as funny.

Ricky Gervais calls out humanity, "Dogs are better people than people".

Warning, this special has some darker humor that may not be suitable for social justice warriors. If you are offended by anything than this special might hurt your feelings.