This past Saturday I was driving on Route 300 in New Windsor when I passed what appeared to be a dead deer on the side of the road. Just off the shoulder, it looked as though it must have been hit by a car but there was obviously more going on which you can see in the picture.

Turns out when I got to where I was going, others had also seen this dead deer which, may I add, was pretty big. I assume whoever hit it most likely had some damage to their car. Ryan Brooks who took the photo above explained to me that he had seen the deer laying there on Friday but the balloons tied to it didn't appear until Saturday which is why he stopped and took the photo.

Deer on the Side of the Road with Get Well Balloon

Ryan had never seen anything like this and was thinking it is kind of funny but also really weird. He sent the photo to a few people to get their reaction and most people fell on the side of Why? Why would anyone put "Feel Better" Balloons on a dead deer?

Photo by Divide By Zero on Unsplash
Photo by Divide By Zero on Unsplash

Balloons on Roadkill Tastefully Sweet or Tastelessly Weird?

After a lot of discussions, most of us at the party decided that it is funny but not really. Yes, we get it but at the same time did someone intentionally purchase helium-filled mylar balloons and tie them to a dead animal? That's weird no matter how you work the story. Did they hit the deer feel bad and go back? Did they see the deer and think it was funny?

Why Would You Put Balloons on Roadkill?

We think that this person must have been resurrecting a trend from about 5 years ago where people were doing this all the time. The creepy trend, which apparently was supposed to be somewhat sincere, was more popular outside New York but it obviously hasn't been forgotten.

Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks

There is no way to know what this person was thinking but one hypothesis was that apparently the deer wouldn't be picked up until Monday sometime and it was large so by tieing balloons to it you could see it more easily for the road. It was pretty close to the edge if you didn't see it and hit it with your car it might have caused a whole other accident. The floating get-well balloons certainly made it easy to spot.

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