This Friday, multiple comedians will do what they do best. Laugh and make jokes at someone else's expense. At least it's for a cause.

They say laughter is the best medicine. That may be true to a certain degree but sometimes we need just a little more. Unfortunately, a little more can cost a lot. Most of us know how expensive medical bills can be and how quickly they can add up.

Several hilarious comedians are gathering in the Hudson Valley for an excellent purpose. Almost a year ago, local comedian, Dan McRitchie's daughter, Dez was diagnosed in the womb with a complication which turned out to be misdiagnosed. The misdiagnosis has lead to several other more severe issues. Since birth, Dez has had over four major surgeries in a year with a fifth approaching.

Dan McRitchie


Spending months in a hospital isn't easy for anyone. The family has spent thousands of dollars on medical bills, hotel rooms and travel expenses. Care for their child has been the number one priority. As it should be.

"We've almost lost our house, the business, everything basically."

Dan McRitchie, has brought the Hudson Valley so much laughter by bringing countless comedians to Laugh it Up in Poughkeepsie. A few of those comedians have decided to give back by giving him a proper roast to help get his daughter the care she needs.

The Roast of Dan McRitchie is this Friday at The Chance Theater. You can get all of the information here.

Feel free to stop by and support a fellow member of the community.

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