Today is the first day of May and YouTube sensation Rob Scallon is already kicking off his 'Maytallica' celebration. Like last year, he'll be releasing a series of interesting and peculiar covers throughout the month and the first is his take on Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" using bell instruments! Get it?!

The cover version here is understandably abbreviated as tackling every note of this Metallica favorite would be even more daunting than this task already is. Ever the versatile and out-of-the-box musician, Scallon uses an assortment of bells and other percussive instruments like singing bowls, xylophones and more to construct a twinkling, ringing version of this otherwise crushing track.

Each facet of "For Whom the Bell Tolls' is discernible, even when twinkling sounds assume the role of the muscular riffing. There's a lot to take in as the layers build with increasing complexity, demonstrating Scallon's arresting grip on unconventional covers.

In addition to the 'Maytallica' fun times, Scallon also has some special cover songs lined up this month, clueing in fans by stating, "May-Shuggah, Iron May-den and System of May Down." Stay on the lookout for more!

If you're still looking to hear the real version of "For Whom the Bell Tolls," there's a pretty much 100 percent guarantee you'll be able to see Metallica perform the classic track on their massive summer stadium tour. Support will come from Avenged SevenfoldVolbeat and Gojira on select dates and more information and a list of stops can be found here.

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