Have you ever been to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and watched the Rockettes with awe at their performance of the annual Christmas show? I watch that show and am always completely amazed at their precision. Could I ever have been a Rockette? Something tells me that my special talents lie somewhere other than dancing, you have a chance to do it.

Yes, you do! It is time for their yearly auditions. Think you have got what it takes to be a Rockette? Keep reading, the info that you will need is below. Good luck.

When are the auditions for the legendary Radio City Music Hall Rockettes?

"Radio City Christmas Spectacular" Rehearsal - Press Preview
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The auditions are taking place (in New York City) on April 20, 2023. There will be call backs on April 21 and 22. What are you auditioning for? You will be auditioning to be a Rockette, and also for the Rockettes Observatory, a one-week program which could also lead to a potential placement with the dance ensemble. 

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What are the requirements to audition for the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes?

New Rockettes Join 2022 Christmas Spectacular
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There are a few requirements to be a Rockette. One of which is a height requirement. All dancers need to be between 5'5" and 5'10 1/2" and be the age of 18 (or accompanied by a parent or guardian) or older. You will also need to upload a current resume and headshot with your audition application. Do you have what it takes? Then go do it! Audition and then tell us all about it! Good luck.

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