Good luck getting away from Ryan Adams these days.

When the beloved singer-songwriter is out of the spotlight, like he was following the album cycle for 2011's 'Ashes & Fire,' he can be a difficult guy to track down. But when he's in the midst of a creative burst -- like the one that brought about his self-titled fourteenth studio album in September -- he can be downright ubiquitous. That's the case right now as Adams popped up for an interview on 'CBS This Morning: Saturday' over the weekend.

During the segment, a cheerful Adams talks about his beginnings with music and how the fact that he's self-taught can make him feel like an outsider among those who learned music theory and the more technical aspects of music. "I don't understand any of it," he said. "So when I listen to them talk, I feel like I'm like the guy in the room that doesn't know French. And they're having a deep conversation. Like, it's pretty interesting. But if they start playin', I can maybe find my way in there."

He also talked about his struggles with the inner ear disorder Meniere's disease and what it feels like to be as inspired as he feels right now. "There's not a better place to be," he said. "It's just one of those times where I could walk down the street and I can hear two seconds of a conversation and-- between two strangers, and even just the act of me listening to it makes me wanna get the pen out and the pocket notebook and go to work."

Watch the interview in its entirety below: