I've got great news for all of you basic people out there. Pumpkin spice foods are already here. There's just one problem. It's July!

I don't hate pumpkin spice. I'm not the biggest fan either. Who doesn't like pumpkin pie or the coveted holiday classic, the pumpkin spice roll? However, I said "holiday classic". We're nowhere near the holidays. We are't even near fall yet.

Field of Pumpkins
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Recently, at my latest trip to the grocery store I saw a pack of pumpkin spice candy. Isn't it too early for pumpkin spice food?

I feel pumpkin spice season should be from October through about mid December and maybe December is even pushing it. One thing I do know is that pumpkin flavor season should never start in July!

I think the more we abuse pumpkin spice the less we can appreciate it when it comes around.

Is there anyone who likes pumpkin spice so much that they want it in the middle of summer? Come on, we need tropical drinks not pumpkin coffee.