Over the next week or so many of the towns throughout the Hudson Valley will be planning some sort of holiday festivity. Many of these events will include a tree being lit, refreshment for people who attend and some even have a visit from Santa.

It is wonderful to be able to experience these events in person again. It was hard last year when COVID force many of the area's small towns to forego their holiday celebrations. Some figured out an alternate plan but some had to cancel completely.

I will admit though last year my town did do something that made me feel like a kid again. Due to the pandemic, they weren't able to have an annual event at our Fire Department so the Esopus Fire Department like many others put Santa in a fire engine and drove him up and down the streets of the fire district.

I can still remember how silly it felt to be standing on the porch waving at Santa as he drove by but at the same time it felt really special. I almost wish they were doing it again but this year there is no need because we can all gather and get up close and personal with Santa which is pretty cool too.

Check and see if your town has planned an event with Santa. If they haven't and you want to be part of one let me invite you to the Town Of Esopus Tree Lighting with Santa on December 4th. There will be caroling, cookies, and cocoa. The celebration starts at 4 PM and runs through 6 PM at the gazebo at MHVFCU.

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