I know you love to travel along with me for my adventures so lets hit the road again. This time we head to Mountain Jam 2016.

What a show. What an event! I know you may be shocked to hear this was actually my first Mountain Jam festival experience and sadly I only got to hang out for half a day but in my opinion it was the best day.

Now, I am sure Simon will have a much more detailed report and more pictures as he got to camp out for most of the event but in the meantime I wanted to share my Saturday adventure.

As you may or may not know Mountain Jam is a four-day hippy fest. I say that in the most loving way possible and only mention it to inform the masses. Being that I hadn't been before I didn't know what to expect and because Simon goes year after year (and he's not a hippy) I was caught a little off guard. It's all good though, everyone just wanting to have a great time, even Batman showed up.

Now that I knew I had heroes and hippies to protect my good time, I found some brews and some food. But not just any food! CORN DOGS! If you go to TAP NY at Hunter then you know about the life changing and mysterious corn dogs. Now the Mountain Jam dogs were very tasty (and had bacon in them, yum) but I doubt any dog maker will every live up to the TAP dogs. Sorry corn dog entrepreneurs.

So perfect, we have hippies, batman, corn dogs and beer...but something was missing...oh yes, music! As I mentioned I could only get down (or up really) to the festival late Saturday so my music line up was limited. I was honestly very happy though because it included the top three bands I wanted to see...Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, Houndmouth and Beck.

Originally, Nathaniel and the guys were scheduled much earlier and I was going to miss them but by some miracle their set got pushed back and I was able to enjoy. These guys are great and if you don't already have their album then I suggest you drop everything that you're doing and go buy it....no seriously..go. I'll wait.

Ok, great, you're all set with some great music for this summer...ps you were fast! So then onto Houndmouth (who for some reason dressed like the Oneders from That Thing You Do) love that movie and loved them. They rocked out and had a great stage presence. I'd say more about their show but I'm not going to lie....I left to get another beer and more food.

Which brings us to the big finale, the main event, the head headliner of the festival, Beck. Now I will be completely honest...I was never a big Beck fan. I play a lot of his music and I like it all but Beck is not an artist I follow or that comes to mind in my favorites list BUT I have to say I am a changed woman. I can now see why this man earned a Grammy (and why it took so long). People underestimate Beck, bottom line. He is a great performer and is music is very complex. Now maybe Beck just put a spell on me, or maybe I caught one too many whiffs of hippy medication but I am so glad I hung around and got to experience this talented artist for myself.

So lesson learned, try new things, open up your music mind and have a great time with hippies and batman. Wham, bam. thank you, Mountain Jam!