I am so fortunate to have ventured out for yet another amazing trip in the Caribbean, this time I headed to the sunny isle of Barbados. Home to Rhianna, pink sand beaches, flying fish and the worlds oldest rum distillery this island has it all. Barbados has been on my bucket list for a long time and finally I was able to see what all the fuss is about...and boy did it live up to the hype.


Barbados is amazing for so many reasons. It truly offers everything one could ask for. The island is small so you can easily venture out and explore in a car rental or a private taxi.  One side of the island offers soft white sand powdered beaches where the other has rougher waters perfect for taking the catamaran or sail boat out for a ride. There's even a spot where you can find pink sand beaches (near the Crane Resort). But beaches are it's only natural beauty. There are also these amazing bluffs where you can see the waves crashing against the rocks and venture underground in the Animal Flower Caves on the north point of the island. Known for it's acoustics Rhianna even recorded in the caves...pretty cool!


If natures not your thing (which is crazy) there is also the amazing food and the booze. A must do while in Barbados is the Ostin's fish fry..every Friday night head down to Ostin's and try some of the local catch. Fresh from the sea visitors can try Swordfish, Snapper or try the local specialty, flying fish. Sounds freaky but it's delicious...it's honestly all delicious. Some of the best fish i've ever had in my life...no lie! They also have macaroni pie which is essentially man n' cheese...only better and then there's rice and peas...which isn't peas at all its more like rice and beans...also to die for. Little known fact for you foodies out there...Barbados is the only Zagat rated Caribbean island. Just one more reason to go.


Then we could wrap things up before talking about the booze. Whether some like to admit it or not Barbados is home to the worlds oldest rum distillery. Established in 1703 Mount Gay came long before any others and they have the deed to prove it. The care and craftsmanship that goes into their rum is unmatched. That combined with the fresh, naturally filtered water (through coral in the ground...only island like it) this rum is top notch. They have various types of rum and I encourage you to try them all. One for mixing, one for sipping, one for party time...you catch my drift.


So you can see with nature, culture, food and booze all on the table Barbados wraps up everything one could want into one amazing Caribbean destination. Now get out there and explore.