Construction work began August 13 on the Saugerties Lighthouse.  The project to restore and overhaul the Saugerties Lighthouse was identified by the members of the Ulster County New York Rising Community Construction Planning Committee.  The project is to reconstruct and reinforce the lighthouse’s foundation and adjacent infrastructure.  They were damaged by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.

The project funded by the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery for $478,000.  Things at the lighthouse that will be fixed include existing bulkheads, seawalls, piers and adjacent infrastructure.  The State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation provided an additional money for repairs to the bulk head.  $175,000 through a grant from the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Assistance Grant Program for Historic Properties.  The Saugerties Lighthouse project is planned to be completed by early fall.

Constructed in 1869, the Saugerties Lighthouse is the Hudson River’s oldest surviving lighthouse. The lighthouse is still in operation today and is the only operational beacon on the Hudson River.