The popular arena in downtown Albany is entering a new chapter but it might always be knows as the 'Times Union Center' to me.

I have seen a lot of shows at the Times Union Center in Albany and I'm sure you have too. Needless to say I have several fond memories there. I've seen Martin Lawrence perform stand up there, WWE wrestling matches, monster truck shows and I've even taken my parents backstage to meet Blake Shelton there.

Maybe your memories there date back to when the it was called the Pepsi Arena or maybe even when it was the Knickerbocker.

For you that event center may also be known by one of those names.

The arena is about to go through a pretty major change. It may have a new name sooner rather than later.

According to WNYT, the Times Union was passed on the having the naming rights to massive 17,000+ capacity venue. They report that the newspaper has had their name on the arena since 2006.

The county is currently looking for a new sponsor. The arena will still continue to hold events.

There's a good chance that if you have tickets for show that is several months away then it could have a completely different name. It may have a different name soon but at least we can count on the venue to still brings us the same great entertainment they've been providing for years.

The arena was first built in 1990 and has hosted many popular event and has brought in crowds from all over Upstate New York and beyond.

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