This week we say good-bye to yet another Orange County business. This time around it is K-mart in Vails Gate. What I start to think about is how many people will be losing their jobs. Yes, losing their jobs less than 45 days before Christmas. Did they have warning? Yes, but still. Jobs are hard to find.

Then I start thinking about all of the things that I have purchased at the Route 44 Kmart in Poughkeepsie just over the last four or five years. (I hesitate to share with you exactly how long I have been shopping at that particular store).

Granted that might not have been large enough purchases to keep any store open, but where are Orange County shoppers going to go, without having to drive a huge distance or trying to find that one small thing online (and then pay shipping)?

How many stores have we seen move out of Orange Plaza (Dolson Ave Middletown)? Stores that didn't just move, they now cease to exist.

Where will you be shopping in Vails Gate or Orange County, now?