It's a plant with many nicknames but one big benefit... Does this humble species really protect your garden from nosey pets?

Planting season is in full swing in New York, and as every enthusiast knows, getting seeds in the ground is only half the battle. From hungry deer to invasive beetles, there are plenty of external threats to local garden beds. Sometimes, however, the call can be coming from inside the house...

Photos of Plectranthus caninus
Plectranthus caninus, AKA "Scaredy Cat Plant" might help keep dogs and cats out of your New York garden (Uri Yerochov via Canva)

Protect Your New York Garden from House Pets

In our house in Newburgh, NY, our dog Arthur seems to think his primary job is "plant waterer". Unfortunately, his lack of opposable thumbs means that instead of using a garden hose to help, he decides to lift his leg over nearly every growing thing in our yard. Allegedly, one plant could stop him in his tracks.

"Scaredy Cat Plant" in New York

Nicknamed the "scaredy cat plant" and even the "piss-off plant" (above), Plectranthus caninus, AKA Panadol, is a member of the mint family, and is known for its unique smell which can reportedly repel house pets like cats and dogs. While the plant is harmless, its aroma is said to be a fantastic defense against curious (or full-bladdered) pets from ruining your garden.

While not everyone has found Plectranthus caninus' reputation as a natural pet repellent to be true, many gardeners are of the mindset that "it couldn't hurt to try".

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There are hidden benefits behind many plants native to New York, meaning that not only can gardeners create an oasis they're proud of, but they can do themselves some extra favors in the process. Check out more potentially helpful species below.

Plants That Ward off Fleas and Ticks

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Plant Some Of These In Your New York Garden to Keep Mosquitoes Away

New York State is home to about 70 species of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes occasionally they can transmit disease. According to New York State Of Health, some mosquito species have the potential to transmit disease-causing viruses, should those viruses be present in New York.

How do you keep these dangerous creepy crawlies away from you and your yard? Well, you could spend a small fortune on citronella candles all summer long. Or you can plant some of these 11 plant varieties around your garden or yard:

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