A special thank you to all of those who keep the teachers and students safe in schools.

I remember going to school as a kid and thinking that nothing wrong could ever happen there. That there was this bubble over the school and it was a very safe and happy space for everyone. Sadly, this is not the case and the world has changed very greatly.

A School Resource Officer (SRO) is a law enforcement official who is responsible for safety and crime prevention in schools. SROs usually have a lot of duties and some of them include mentoring, conducting presentations, and helping with youth-related issues that happen. They have become a crucial part of the education system throughout the county.

One of my cousins is an SRO and she said it's one of the most rewarding jobs she has ever had. She really enjoys working with the students and feels a great sense of pride about helping keep the school safe.

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She said one of the most rewarding things is when a student or parent comes to her and asks her for advice or help on a problem and they can come to a conclusion. She also mentioned how many students get excited to see her in the morning and how they bring her coffee.

She receives a ton of "thank yous" from the parents who say they feel very comfortable about leaving their child at school because they know the kids are protected thanks to her.

One county in the Hudson Valley posted some awesome pictures about how they are honoring some of their School Resource Officers and the pictures were adorable. It's always nice to see hard-working people get recognized for their time.


There are many days like Brownie Day, and Hamburger Day, but today is one that really counts.

Happy National School Resource Officer Day to all those who help keep our schools safe.

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