A town is Texas is trying to set a word record... and they need our help.

There are few honors that compare to being enshrined in the Guinness Book of World Records. From the Walkway Over the Hudson to the world's largest lawn gnome, the Hudson Valley has seen its share of fame... now it's time to return the favor.

New Yorkers named Kyle can head to Kyle, Texas to help set a world record
New Yorkers named Kyle can head to Kyle, Texas to help set a world record (Google)

New York Residents Can Help with World Record Title

The town of Kyle, Texas is looking to claim the Guinness Book of World Record's title of "largest same-name gathering", an honor currently held by a crowd of 2,325 people named Ivan who descended on the town of Kupres in Bosnia and Herzegovina back in 2017. Here's what New York Kyles need to know:

Calling All New Yorkers Named Kyle

To beat the current record, at least 2,326 people with the first name Kyle (spelled K-Y-L-E) need to all be gathered in Kyle, Texas on May 18th 2024. This year is extra-important to the town, as an earlier attempt at the record in 2023 only saw 1,500 Kyles in attendance.

Special World-Record Trip for Hudson Valley, NY Residents

This trip might be extra special for Hudson Valley, NY area Kyles who have been in world record attempts in the past. For instance, any Kyles who were part of the world's longest Hokey Pokey line on the Walkway Over the Hudson (below) should definitely book a ticket to Texas.

A plane would be the most sensible way to travel to the world record attempt, but since when are people named Kyle who are looking to make history sensible? If you want to make this journey into an epic road trip, check out ways to start the drive in New York below.

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Road Trip Through New York's Ice Cream Trail

Did you know there's an ice cream trail here in the great state of New York? Yup. Created by Only In Your State, the trail takes you all throughout the Adirondacks, allowing you to "take in the sights of our tallest mountains and some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of New York" while licking your favorite kind of ice cream.

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