I've already had the chance to talk about fish fry around the Hudson Valley, but what about fish tacos? There are some people who go crazy for this stuff. As for me, I'm just getting into it. Back in college I went out to a number of Mexican restaurants with friends and I would try some different meals, but I've found since I've moved back to Poughkeepsie, I haven't been as adventurous in regards to visiting new places and trying new cuisines. Also, my wallet hasn't been my best friend in regards to trying new, possibly pricier dishes.

New Opportunities Offer New Perspectives

Since getting this job; however, my eyes have been opened to so many fantastic restaurants offering such a wide array of entrees to indulge on, and for a decent price, too. I guess I've had this stigma in my head that anything new I would try would be expensive.

Why Am I Just Getting Into This?

When it comes to fish tacos, they're not even that crazy of an idea. I've typically stuck to beef or maybe chicken, but a friend of mine offered me some of their fish tacos recently, and I started regretting never ordering them prior. I've even seen stuff like shrimp tacos, and I love shrimp! You would think this would be a no brainer! It's little moments like these where I am reminded how ingrained in my comfort zone I am, and how I need to branch out.

Best Way to Learn is to Teach

What a better way to start branching out than doing some research and informing the Hudson Valley community. These restaurants on Google all have a rating of 4.0 or higher, and offer a strong menu which includes fish tacos and/or other Mexican seafood options.

Where To Find Best Fish Tacos in the Hudson Valley

Whether you need some fish tacos or some other kind of Mexican seafood cuisine, these restaurants will meet your culinary desires! What's your favorite dish?

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