Could this be the guy for Brandi? This week's edition of Brandi's Future Husband takes us to Riverside California where Brandi's guy is hiding a little something in his pants.

The new potential love of her life went into a grocery store and he made an immediate trek to the frozen fish section. When he was there, he proceeded to put bags of frozen shrimp down his pants.

No, there wasn't a fire in his pants (that we know of), nor any other reason that he would desperately need to cool off his nether regions. The guy then left the store, deposited his shrimp catch in his car and then returned to do this same thing two more times.

It was the third time that he stuffed the shrimp down his pants (now to a total of $500 worth of the frozen crustaceans) that someone stopped him and asked what he was up to.

Will Brandi be needing lots of shrimp recipes or is this not the guy for her? If you have a suggestion for a potential Brandi's Future Husband, you can email it to her

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