I've been driving a car for nearly two decades, but I may have learned something new this weekend during a road trip to central New York. Is this really a way for drivers to signal each other that I never knew about?

Secret Signals on New York Roads

There always seems to be something new to learn on the roads of the Hudson Valley. We've already dived into the reasons behind those red traffic lights with flashing strobes that you can find everywhere from Fishkill to Stone Ridge, NY, and most recently we learned about the tiny placards attached to larger road signs all over the state. But this potential driver-to-driver communication was completely new to me.


New Blinker Signal in New York?

It started on Friday afternoon, just outside of Liberty, NY in Sullivan County. My wife and I were driving on route 52 behind a rather slow minivan. Then it happened. The driver put on their left turn signal, but pulled over to the right, seemingly to let us pass. As we drove by, my wife and I shared a glance; was the left blinker a sign from the slow driver that we should pass them? I would have chalked it up to a fluke, but then it happened again.

Drivers in Ithaca, NY (Google)
Drivers in Ithaca, NY (Google)

Drivers in Ithaca, NY

After our weekend in the Finger Lakes, we headed back to the Hudson Valley. This time we were right outside of Ithaca, NY. We were in a 55 mph zone behind a slower car when we entered a passing zone.

First, the car put its left blinker on, then they slowed waaay down to roughly 40 mph. This time, the car didn't pull over, but it maintained its slow speed (and didn't turn) until we returned to a double-yellow line. Then they turned their blinker off and continued driving. It was raining and I didn't think passing was a safe option, so we stayed behind the car. Still, my wife and I were confused once again- was the slow car asking us to pass them?

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Google searches were fruitless, so I'm left with a New York road mystery. This was definitely not something I learned in driver's ed. Keep an eye out the next time you set out for a road trip, and check out some inspiration for your next destination below, and keep scrolling to check out the most confusing cities to drive in New York.

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