One Orange County school district will host a community forum on the dangers of drug use after several students were sent to the hospital.

Earlier this week, Pine Bush's interim superintendent Donna Geidel sent out a memo to parents regarding "several incidents at Pine Bush High School" that parents needed to be made aware of.

In the statement, Geidel writes:

Unfortunately, several students were transported to the hospital this week due to drug use.  The health consequences were serious, but they have recovered and are getting support from their families.  The delay in sharing this information with all of you was because we were still gathering information about the students’ health outcomes and the substances that they used.  Simultaneously, the police are conducting a thorough investigation regarding the source of the substances. It is very important that we do not compromise that investigation.

In a press release from Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler and Town of Crawford Police Chief Dominick Blasko they explain further that Orange County high school students have needed medical attention after ingesting "a variety of substances, including synthetic marijuana, commonly called “K2” or “spice”, substances purporting to contain THC or CBD oils, as well as other synthetic substances which are being ingested through the use of electronic cigarettes or “E- cigarettes”.

In the statement Chief Blasko continues:

Medical Emergencies because of the ingestion of high concentration of THC and other substances through vaping or ingesting edibles is becoming an unfortunate trend in our schools and communities. These alarming number of THC related medical emergencies should be a wakeup call for parents to further educate themselves and have a blunt discussions with young people about these dangerous and unregulated substances

Due to the latest spike in drug activity at Pine Bush high school, administrators have scheduled a community forum with assistance from Tri-County Community Partnership and the Orange County Drug and Alcohol Agency.

On March 16th, the forum will meet at 7 pm at the Pine Bush high school cafeteria. Superintendent Geidel writes:

Now is the ideal time for us to work together to address this problem. Mr. Hopmayer and I both witnessed the consequences firsthand while standing next to the parents while they prayed for their children’s recovery.  It was frightening and sobering.  Please join us in our efforts to help you protect your children.

For more details regarding the latest incident at Pine Bush high school visit

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