That's definitely not something you hear every day around the Hudson Valley. No, we're not talking about an actual shark however, this shark is pretty popular. He's "The People's Shark."

If you're a fan of the television show Shark Tank on ABC you're probably familiar with the business moguls and personality looking for the next big business venture. Names like Mark Cuban, Barbra Corcoran, Kevin O' Leary and Daymond John should probably ring a bell if you sit down every week and watch as budding entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to said panel.

Lacey Smith of Saugerties is a fan of the show and her fandom came in handy when Daymond John came into her restaurant.

Smith tells us she had the opportunity to serve John as he dined with a few friends at Mariners Harbor in Kingston over the weekend. Smith said " I swear you would have never even thought it was him! Me and my fiancé and HUGE fans of shark tank so I kept looking at him and was like it has to be him."

At the end of the meal, Smith went back to the table and asked if he was really the  Daymond John from Shark Tank and he confirmed that he indeed was. John's friends had a good laugh, but he told Lacey that he was "honored" that she recognized him and was a fan.

Lacey added "he was seriously the most down to earth person. It was definitely my favorite day working at Mariners."

If you needed any more confirmation that it was actually Daymond John hanging out in the Hudson Valley...Check out one of his latest Instagram posts as he strolls along the Walkway Over The Hudson in a Shark Tank product:

Have you spotted any celebrities recently in the Hudson Valley? Let us know!

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