I did not know as a child that He-Man was created as an excuse by a toy company to sell a lot of action figures. It didn’t matter to me that the Masters of the Universe cartoon was there to justify the toys and not the other way around. Who cares? I was 3 and He-Man — and the later spinoff, She-Ra — were the coolest thing around.

Now I have a daughter who’s about to turn 3 and, lo and behold, She-Ra is back with a new and totally reconceived series on Netflix. And it looks ... significantly more impressive than the He-Man shows I watched as a kid! The animation is vastly superior, the humor is great, and the voices are really fun. It looks slightly too mature for my kid (although she does like action movies geared toward kids like Kung-Fu Panda). So I may wait a little while to introduce her to She-Ra. But not very long.

Here’s the new show’s official synopsis:

Adora's destiny turns out to be far greater than she could have ever imagined. As the legendary warrior princess, She-Ra, it's up to her and a spirited group of rebel princesses to restore balance in Etheria by defending it from the place she once called home. Join The Rebellion November 16th when She-Ra and the Princesses of Power begins streaming on Netflix!

It looks like a really fun kids’ show. Can the next-gen She-Ra action figures be far behind? I’m pretty sure my mother saved my Castle Grayskull. I’m ready to pass it down like the priceless family heirloom that it is.

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