This past week The Hudson Valley saw it's fair share of inclimate weather. Saturday was no exception as it rained for most of the day creating a not so great outdoor activity atmosphere. This, however did not stop the faithful Pokémon Go Trainers from heading to Dutchess Community College on Saturday for Pokémon Go Community Day.

PokeMay Collage

The featured Pokémon was a Kanto starter: the Fire-type Charmander. According to a poll on the Pokémon Go in The Hudson Valley Facebook page, there were many shiny spawns and captures. Over 60 trainers caught a shiny with over a dozen catching more than 10 shiny Charmanders each!

Pokémon Go Community day has faced not so perfect weather for the past few months yet their numbers continue to grow. Hudson Valley social media pages have also seen an increase in Pokemon Go related postings which only fans the flames of passion for all players. will post the next date for Pokémon Go Community at Dutchess Community College soon. Until then, remember to take augmented reality photos no matter where you are playing and post them to Pokemon Go in the Hudson Valley Facebook Page!