As the Pokémon Go Community of the Hudson Valley continues to grow, so does that of its flagship event, Pokémon Go Community Day. Every month, trainers gather at Dutchess Community College for a free event featuring the globally popular Pokémon Go App.

Before the event starts, there is a display of snacks laid out for all participants and spectators to enjoy. Some cool themes were eaten by way of homemade Pokémon cookies!

June ar recap

We always love the augmented reality photos and every one participating is encouraged to take them and share them to the community Facebook group. This is the best resource for all news regarding our local Pokemon Go Community Day. It's also a great place to get to know the other people who enjoy the same exact mobile game that you do!

Right now they have a poll going about what the next featured Pokemon will be at the next community day. Feel free to chime in and cast your vote. Looking forward to seeing everyone out again in July!