Recent findings from participating law enforcement agencies in New York state's Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) initiative reveal a significant downturn in shooting incidents causing injury. Data collected from January to May 2024 indicates a noteworthy 28% reduction in such incidents compared to the corresponding period in the previous year.


This positive shift underscores the effectiveness of targeted strategies aimed at mitigating gun-related violence. Through collaborative efforts and bolstered by substantial funding, local law enforcement agencies have made strides in enhancing community safety.

GIVE Initiative Aims To Reduce Shootings And Save Lives

The GIVE initiative, now in its second consecutive year of record-level funding, provides support to 28 police departments across 21 counties, covering a substantial segment of the state's population. Employing evidence-based approaches, the initiative not only aims to reduce shootings but also to save lives and combat violent crime at its root.

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Beyond the GIVE communities, the ripple effects of these efforts are noticeable, with New York City's police department reporting a decline in gun violence through June 2024. This decline reflects a broader commitment to fortifying public safety measures statewide.

A police crime scene tape close-up

Furthermore, proactive measures undertaken by the New York State Police, including the seizure of illegal firearms, underscore a comprehensive approach to addressing the underlying factors fueling gun violence. Collaboration between law enforcement agencies and community-based organizations remains pivotal in tackling the multifaceted challenges posed by illegal firearms.

Addressing The Root Causes Of Violence

The allocation of substantial funding for prosecution, discovery, and pretrial services demonstrates a steadfast commitment to enhancing the efficacy of the criminal justice system. By investing in initiatives aimed at addressing the root causes of violence, New York aims to empower communities disproportionately affected by gun violence.

As the state continues its proactive stance against gun violence, the GIVE initiative serves as a beacon of hope, exemplifying the potency of collaborative endeavors in fostering safer communities for all residents. Through sustained efforts and continued investment in evidence-based strategies, New York endeavors to chart a course toward a future free from the scourge of gun-related violence.


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