Many are calling for him to resign. At the very least he should be stripped of the Emmy he won last year.

The coronavirus pandemic knocked many of us to an extremely low place and we've been trying to recover mentally and financially for about a year now. Until very recently it appeared like Governor Cuomo has had a very different COVID-19 experience. It looks an awful lot like Andrew Cuomo has used the pandemic to not only to increase his power and influence but elevate his celebrity status as well. I'd argue that it worked and he not only gained power and fame from the pandemic but he also profited from it as well.

Governor Cuomo won an Emmy last year for his daily COVID-19 briefings. They were even called 'masterful' by some. Did we put Cuomo on too high of a pedestal?

He's allegedly done some things in the past that are not so honorable and many of these actions are just now coming to light.

1. Profiting Off the Pandemic

Andrew Cuomo published a book in October titled American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From the COVID-19 Pandemic. This book was published during the height of the second wave of the pandemic here in New York. Was the release of the book so soon in poor taste? The state and the nation was still very much in a crisis. We watched many businesses fail and many New Yorkers lose their job.

2. The Scandals

It's no secret that Governor Cuomo is currently in the middle of some controversy for both his administration's handling of the nursing home patient deaths as well as sexual misconduct with several women who worked under him. These allegations are currently under investigation and Cuomo denies the allegations. In time we will have the facts on both investigations but now five women have reportedly come forward with against Cuomo according to Newsweek.

3. If We're Consistent with Our Outrage Then the Emmy's Got to Go.

Remember when Marist stripped Bill O'Reilly of his honorary degree after he was accused of misconduct by seven women in 2018? O'Reilly was awarded the degree in 2001. I'm no fan of Bill O'Reilly but should there be some consistency?

Should Cuomo give up the Emmy? What do you think?


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