In an age where more people explore the Urban Dictionary than a real one, there can never be a shortage on words that will make you scratch your head. Here are some words that need to go away in the new year and pronto.

There are probably thousands of real words that are featured in Merriam- Webster's dictionary that we don't use. We could most likely extirpate (to remove or destroy totally; do away with; exterminate) most of them and no one would be the wiser.

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Real words aside, a university in my home state of Michigan makes an annual list of dumb new-age words that should be outlawed. Recently, they have determined these words should be banned in 2018.

Here  are some of the words and phrases from the list according to Lake Superior State Univiersity.

  1. Unpack
  2. Tons
  3. Dish
  4. Pre-owned
  5. Onboarding / Offboarding
  6. Nothingburger
  7. Let that sink in
  8. Let me ask you this
  9. Impactful
  10. Covfefe
  11. Drill Down
  12. Fake News
  13. Hot Water Heater
  14. Gig Economy

Are these words as dumb as this school thinks they are? Should we stop using them?