My wife is mad at me for not helping my new neighbors move in. Is this a new neighborly obligation that I've never heard of?

You've probably seen a lot of moving trucks and Uhaul trucks last month. You might see them in the early weeks of May as well. I didn't know this but according to, but spring is actually moving season and it wraps up in May. This means as movers get less busy their service will get less expensive. You might keep seeing some new neighbors moving in the next few weeks.

This past weekend my wife and I became a statistic. We got new neighbors.

I may have accidentally started on the wrong foot. I greeted them and even let them park their truck in our assigned spot that we pay for. After I walked back in my wife was annoyed with me.

"Why aren't you out there helping them?" she asked.

When you see a new neighbor moving in next to you, do you help them move in? Or do you at least offer?

I honestly didn't know this was a thing. I'm sorry but I'll drive the welcome wagon, I'll ride in the passenger seat of the welcome wagon, I'll even change the tire of the welcome wagon. One thing I won't do is help carry a couch outside the welcome wagon.

Will my neighbor pay for a visit to the chiropractor? I doubt it.

Also, why would anyone want a stranger to go through their belongings?


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