A teacher recently gave a young student a trophy that's being deemed inappropriate. Could proper training on awareness avoided the issue?

Are kids and parents a little too sensitive or was this just a bit ridiculous?

In a story from the Washington Post, two teachers in Georgia are under some scrutiny after presenting a strange award to a 14 year old student with known ADHD. The award came in the form of a nice trophy with some strange words engraved on it.

Imagine if you see your peers are being called on stage to collect a special trophy like "smartest", "best dressed", or "most likely to succeed" but when it's your turn you get, "Most likely to not pay attention".

The mother of the child was obviously upset but is it justified or is she just being too sensitive?

This seems odd but it is quite possible that the teachers didn't know it was malicious. I was uneducated about the learning disorder myself until I put in little further research. It's easy to not understand.

Do you think this teachers should be fired or should teachers be put into some forms of sensitivity training to understand conditions that may be affecting their students?