Several schools are starting to ban the term. Is there something to this or is it more nonsense from the generation of snowflakes? You decide and make it official.

Who was your best friend growing up? If you had one do you even remember who it was? There's a good chance you probably aren't even friends anymore. We know that kids can be cruel. In an effort to curb that a preschool in Massachusetts has decide to ban kids from being best friends.

According the The Independent, many parents were outraged to find out that a child was scolded after using the term "best friend" to describe fellow classmate at Pentucket Workshop Preschool.

Some parents were shocked that this was even an issue while other parents were actually on board. This school is not the first to exercise this rule.

It seems like it's kind of absurd but maybe there is something to teaching kids at a young age that it's far more beneficial to have many good friends as opposed to a few best friends.

"Kids that young don't really know the meaning of the term. They say everyone is their best friend and it changes every fifteen minutes."

Should this practice become popular in New York?


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