The great heat debate is about to take place in homes all over the Hudson Valley.

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Over the next week or so people all over the Hudson Valley will start discussing whether or not they should turn on the heat in their house. Some folks gave in a week or so back when we had the one night that dropped to 45. The rest of us are holding out but the questions is for how long?

I myself like to hold out as long as I can before turning the heaters. I actually love this time of year when you can have the windows open and enjoy the fresh air. Some folks prefer the Spring but I am a Fall air girl all the way. I will be closing my windows hopefully in December and not a minute sooner.

Stephen Vanhorn

So what are the signs that it may be time to turn on the heat?

1 - You can see your breath in your living room. All right I may be overstating the issue a bit. It obviously isn't that cold yet but you can't argue that if you can she your breathe the air must be too cold inside.

2 - Your dog is now spooning you while you sleep. All summer long my dog sleeps in front of the air conditioner but as soon as the temperature chills down outside she clings to me like a bad drier sheet.

3 - You leave your coat on after you get home. Along these same lines if you get home and add a layer of clothing to be comfortable you know that it is time to put that thermostat up to a warmer temperature and flip it to heater from AC.

These three sign are pretty obvious but what do the experts say about flipping on the heat. Almost every article I searched online said when the inside of your house is 64 degrees Fahrenheit it is officially time to flip the switch.

Some of the places listed below don't require heat at all.

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