Hats off to Slutsky Lumber in Ellenville, NY. Pants and shirts off, too. A new campaign from the local wood company has recently come under fire for the sexy ways it portrays local residents. I'm just mad they didn't ask me to participate.

So What's the Big Deal?

Slutsky Lumber has partnered with Destination Ellenville to make a sexy, pin-up style calendar much in the vein of the popular fundraising calendars of our beloved New York firefighters. There's also more than a touch of tongue-in-cheek humor:

Hudson Valley Residents Model for Sexy Calendar

These calendars show "local artists, business owners, and residents banging and screwing around Slutsky", says the family-owned lumber yard. The clips featured on their Instagram page portray proud Hudson Valley residents from nearly every walk of life. A recent advertisement that included these clips, however, seemed to activate the haters...

Here Come the Wet Blankets

"Dear Slutsky Lumber Co. Inc. there are members of our village in the town of Ellenville who disagree with the video you guys put out as advertisement", said one comment. It was surprising there weren't any spelling errors, as I'm sure one hand was busy clutching their pearls. "I find this new video so disturbing. More like a sex video !! Good grief this advertising makes me not want to shop there!" said another distressed resident.

Love for the Sexy Calendar

Luckily, it seems like most of the Hudson Valley have cooler heads. "I thought it was great advertising", said one fan of sexy lumberjacks (and Jills). "I didn't see anything that hasn't been portrayed in countless music videos and commercials. I don't see what the problem is", said another. The calendars are currently for sale on Slutsky Lumber's website, with a portion of proceeds benefitting Family of Ellenville.

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So Slutsky Lumber, please consider this humble Orange County resident's plea to make a guest appearance in next year's calendar. I'll even bring my own assless chaps.

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