Yet another snow storm is set to hit the Hudson Valley. Here are a few tips from Central Hudson Gas & Electric of things to do in advance to best take care of you and your family during this and any other winter storm:


  • Pay attention to weather advisories and storm warnings.

  • Keep a flashlight and fresh batteries handy.

  • Have a battery-powered radio to keep informed of restoration efforts.

  • Double-check your supply of food, and stock your pantry with packaged or canned foods that require no refrigeration or cooking.

  • Avoid opening your refrigerator unnecessarily during outages, so food lasts longer.

  • Be sure you have a non-electric can opener.

  • If you have an electric water pump, always keep an emergency supply of bottled water on hand for drinking and washing.

  • If a major storm is forecast, fill your tub with water as an added reserve.

Is there something that you do ahead of a winter storm that you would like to share with others?