It's been a rough 7 months. A little Coleman cooler just won't do it anymore. We need a whole refrigerator.

I want to party with person who brings a mini fridge to the park. It's always wine o'clock somewhere, right?

My wife has been trying to tell me how much fun it would be to go sit along the side of the Hudson River and have a nice picnic. It never seemed like it was my idea of a good time but she must have been explaining it to me wrong. I figured we would just bring a small basket with some crackers, fruit and maybe some sandwiches. She never told me that we could bring our own miniature win refrigerator.

That appears to be exactly what someone did at the Riverfront Park in Peekskill according to a post that was shared on Facebook. They even plugged it in to use it!

I've seen people plug in things like stereos and phone chargers at the park but this is new one especially since these refrigerators can cost anywhere between $130 to $1,000. There were no bottles found with the fridge in case you were wondering. That would probably increase the value a little bit.

The owner of the wine fridge has not been identified yet but I don't think it would be hard to find them. Just look for the person at the park who looks like he's breaking every social distance regulation and having too good of a time.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever witness as a local park?


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