I'll admit that it's not exactly the most flattering picture but how could someone be so rude?

Someone said that I had the ugliest cat in the Hudson Valley and it hit me hard. They could be right but I don't care. I'll always defend my baby.

There's a mean stereotype out there about cat owners being a little crazy. I wonder why?

I'm a cat lover but I pride myself on not being one of the weird ones. My true colors are starting to show after someone started bullying my cat online.

What kind of sick person gets their kicks from bullying a cat on Instagram?

Like most cat lovers who don't admit that they are weird I won't hesitate to share a picture of one of them when they are doing something cute. I posted a few pictures of one of my cats on my Instagram page an she's sadly being ripped to shreds.

I deleted the comments but multiple people said my cat had an ugly bald chin and an underbite. They even went as far as saying I have the ugliest cat in the Hudson Valley. I'm fair game for haters but why do you need to attack my cat?


Who cares if she has a bald underbite that looks like a snake? Do I have the ugliest cat in the Hudson Valley?

I feel like my cat was discriminated against. I think that if she were a dog she would have been left alone. She may have even been praised.

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