So you are watching the World Series. This year there is more than just bragging rights up for grabs. This year, there is honor to be won and curses to be broken. Neither team has won a series in 'forever'. I think it was the 1908 for the Cubs and 1948 for the Indian. All that aside, since the Yankees and the Mets are not in it, why should New York fans even watch the game? So you know when we are getting free tacos.

Yes, I said 'free tacos.' Let me explain. Taco Bell is one of the sponsors of the World Series and they are encouraging everyone to Live Mas. Should a player, from either team, during the series, steal a base, then on a designated day, each person can go into a participating Taco Bell and get one Doritos Tacos Locos for free. (Approximate retail value of $1.40).

Does this make you want to keep up with how the game is going? Or since your team is not in the game, the game just does not exist?