On June 10th, 2007, The Sopranos aired its finale on HBO. The final scene showcased the Soprano family sitting down for dinner at Holsten's Ice Cream, Chocolate, and Restaurant. Holsten's is a real restaurant in Bloomfield, New Jersey, less than an hour and a half drive from Poughkeepsie. In the years since, Holsten's became famous for the booth where audiences caught their final glimpses of Tony Soprano before the show cut to black. Fans have come to the restaurant throughout the years solely to take pictures and sit in the booth that was "reserved for the Soprano family." Holsten's restaurant is currently under renovation, and they are saying goodbye to the famous booth.

The Booth From the Soprano's Finale Sold For a Small Fortune

Holsten's Restaurant put the iconic booth up for auction on ebay, The booth includes both seats, table, and divider wall with the plaque "Reserved for the Sopranos Family". Holsten's makes it clear that the jukebox is not included in the sale.

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Christopher Carley, the co-owner of Holsten's Restaurant, hoped that the booth would sell for about $50,000 in order to help with the renovation costs. They earned that amount of money and then some! The auction closed on March 4th, and after 238 bids, the winning bid went for $82,600! Just for reference, the average salary in the United States is $59,428. That means the booth sold for just under 150% of the average yearly salary in the US. The winning bidder is anonymous at this time.

Hudson Valley Post's Bobby Welber Shot an Award-Winning Story on the Booth in 2010

Occasionally, you will see articles written by Bobby Welber pop on this site. Bobby Welber, co-host on the Boris and Robyn Show on WPDH and head-writer for the Hudson Valley Post, published an award-winning story 14 years ago on the famed Sopranos booth. You can see that story below!

The Booth from "The Sopranos" Finale Went Up for Sale

Even though I was probably too young to be watching The Sopranos when it was on the air, I was a big fan! One lucky super fan now owns a piece of monumental television history!

Gallery Credit: Conor Walsh

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