In Monroe there is an arcade machine being sold by its owner on Hudson Valley Craigslist. Most adults that live in the recently created man cave era would have at least experienced the atmosphere of a 1980s arcade.

Popping quarter after quarter into their favorite game it was possible to spend hours in an arcade. In the 80s, games were simple yet highly addicting. Gaming was still in its infancy stages at that point in time but that didn't stop the industry from booming.

There is a Ms. PacMan/Galaga anniversary arcade machine available for purchase. According to the owner, the coin operating system still works but it can be set to free play. This could provide an opportunity to force your less favorite acquaintances to spend a little money in your home. Or you could just be a nice person and let them try to beat your high score on Galaga.

For pricing information you can find the Craigslist post here.