I truly love animals, they are the sweetest souls on Earth. Growing up, I wanted to be a veterinarian due to my deep love for animals and concern about their well being. I wouldn't be able to handle certain situations that vets have to go through, shout out to them! I also knew that my other calling was in Broadcasting. I have volunteered my time with different animal shelters and it was always fulfilling making sure that they went to a great, fur-ever home. I’m not called a crazy, cat lady for no reason. :)

When I found out that the Catskill Animal Sanctuary was doing this special program, I had to share it with the world. This Sanctuary is located on 150 acres in Saugerties, highlighting the Hudson Valley. The Catskill Animal Sanctuary has 11 different species of the cutest farm animals. Some of these animals have been thankfully rescued from different situations ranging from abandonment to neglect and even cruelty. The Catskill Animal Sanctuary provides peace and love at their residence which they take pride in.

I love that they feel just as I do, that animals deserve the same amount of respect and love as humans do. These animals want to live and they have feelings similar to humans. They describe the idea behind this aspect which is known as “sameness”. They also take pride in reminding us why it’s important to become vegan and even provide special cooking classes for guidance.

The Catskill Animal Sanctuary is offering the option to sponsor an animal. I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this is, a cat or dog. The Catskill Animal Sanctuary is a home to all different types of animals.

Your sponsorship will provide love to one of the many beautiful animals at the Sanctuary. With your donation, the animal will receive “nutritious food, warm bedding and outstanding medical care to one lucky being.” This is such a unique and caring idea to benefit the animals and to share knowledge about these farm animals.

If and when you decide to sponsor one of these sweet souls, I know that it would be hard to choose just one.

In honor of Thanksgiving, they are reminding us on why we should sponsor a turkey. I checked out a few of their precious little angels on their website and saw a chicken named Michael. She is known for following the staff around and begging for attention. I’m wondering why I don’t work there, I would love it.

There’s the option to sponsor an animal monthly or annually. The benefits that are included with the sponsorship depend on which one is chosen.

Here is a list of the different farm animals that can be sponsored and the monthly price.

Chicken: $15

Turkey: $18

Duck: $20

Goose: $22

Potbelly Pig: $30

Goat: $40

Sheep: $50

Pig: $60

Cow: $65

Horse: $100

You can also give the gift of a sponsorship. I know exactly what I want for Christmas as of right now if anyone wants to add this to my list! Please find it in your heart during this holiday season to make a donation or to sponsor an animal. A little love and kindness goes a long way.

If you have any questions about sponsoring, send an email to the following address below:

Check out all the sweet animals at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary on the website:

Phone: 845 336 8447

316 Old Stage Road

Saugerties, NY 12477

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