When completed, the Sports Kingdome in East Fishkill will be the worlds largest. But it looks like we'll be waiting a little bit longer before the Hudson Valley can enjoy it. According to a press release, construction is well underway but unexpected delays have moved the projected opening weekend to Memorial Day weekend of 2018.

The Sports Kingdome project is some two years in the making. When completed, it will be more than 700 feet long, 400 feet wide and an incredible 160 tall. There will be a half mile eight foot track and 350,000+ square feet of space to play baseball, soccer and more.

Inflation of the $28 million dome would be near impossible in inclement weather. So instead of rushing and potentially getting something wrong, they've pushed off some work while, work continues on other parts of the project. According to General Manager Michael Van Riper, work on the concrete walls and slab for the floor will continue until November. While he says he's disappointed of the delay, the extra time is welcome to continue building partnerships in the area.