Funny how the calendar works out sometimes - remember during the early COVID days when 'Cinco de Mayo' coincided with 'Taco Tuesday' and we all went crazy (times were different back then)?

This calendar situation is causing a bit of a controversy, and seems to have divided some of the Hudson Valley when it comes to sticking to the 'proper Lenten observance' while also celebrating a holiday known for its meat and veggie meal.

Let's talk Lent & St. Patrick's Day - the great 2023 debate!

Massachusetts Diocese Shares St. Patrick's Day Commemoration Granting Dispensation from Lenten Discipline

For those living in Western Massachusetts that were worried about breaking lent to enjoy a bit of corned beef and cabbage in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, worry no more, you essentially got a get out of jail free card from the Office of the Bishop.


In a post shared on social media dated February 27th, a St. Patrick's Day Commemoration was penned by the Bishop of Springfield (MA) stating that he is mindful that the St. Patrick's Day holiday is an occasion for festive celebrations, including consuming meat.

This year St. Patrick's Day falls on a Friday and I am mindful that for many in our diocese this is the occasion for festive celebrations. Therefore, I am granting a general dispensation from this Lenten discipline for that Friday, March 17.

The full message can be found here, and includes encouragement for those practicing to 'consider some substitution of equal sacrifice' like selecting a different day during the week to abstain from meat.

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Let Them Eat Meat? How Is The Hudson Valley Handling St. Patrick's Day During Lent

If you are someone that observes Lent, will you be asking for forgiveness and partaking in a little St. Patty's Day-themed meat treat, or will you push your celebration off to the weekend as to not disrupt the religious observance?


If a local diocese were to give you a pass of some sort for the holiday, would that change your mind?

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