Stabbing Westward kicked off the year with their Dead and Gone EP, and now the '90s industrial rock favorites have decided to push forward with their first new full-length album in 19 years.

Earlier in the year, the group had discussed the possibility of issuing new EPs throughout 2020, but they've now inked a new record deal with COP International and reunited with producer John Fryer, with their attention now focused on releasing a new song and possibly the album before the calendar year concludes.

The band's last record was 2001's self-titled release, but they disbanded in early 2002. In 2013, three of the band's members reunited at a concert for Christopher Hall's band The Dreaming, with an official reunion of Stabbing Westward coming two years later. In 2019, the band started moving from the touring stage to focusing on new music, with the Dead and Gone EP being their first output in years.

The current lineup, which includes Stabbing Westward founding members Christopher Hall and Walter Flakus, is rounded out by bassist Carlton Boss and drummer Bobby Amaro. They've already decided to title the forthcoming album, Wasteland, and have reunited with producer John Fryer, who oversaw their first two albums.

"It's grand to be working with Stabbing Westward again,” says Fryer. “The first two albums we made together were some of my finest work as a producer."

Stabbing Westward frontman Christopher Hall adds, “I was so excited to have the opportunity to go back to the very roots of Stabbing Westward by working with John again. John really helped us develop our sound on our first album and then helped us take a huge leap forward with our second album. Even though this is our fifth full length, after such a long break it feels like a new beginning and it's very cool to have John at the helm once again.”

Fellow founding member Walter Flakus adds, “I couldn’t be more excited to be working with John again. The creativity we found on the first two records continues to drive where we want to take Stabbing Westward in the years to come. I’m so happy to rekindle that flame.”

Stay tuned for more to come from the reunited Stabbing Westward as the year progresses.

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