Star Wars is among the most iconic and recognizable cultural touchstones of the past 50 years; it's arguably one of the most significant--if not the most significant--cinema entity in the history of the medium. Between its contributions to the process of making films to the impact it's had on science-fiction as a genre to its launching of Fox from bottom-dwelling media property to international conglomerate, the film series' significance isn't difficult to recognize.

So, of course, when the new series of films was announced, anticipation began to run high. And with each trailer, it seems like anticipation grows and grows.

With that in mind, let's take a moment to enjoy this lighthearted and good-spirited reminder that, among all of the fan worship and excitement, the Star Wars series isn't infallible and has had some fun inconsistencies and quirks since the beginning. A more honest trailer for Star Wars:

So don't go getting all nitpicky and freaking out over every nuance of the new one, okay? Have some fun.