The Super Bowl is this weekend! Sunday, February 12th at 6:30 PM, we get to watch all the best commercials and movie trailers that will help dictate media for the rest of 2023, spawning potentially dozens of memes. Oh, and the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles will be playing, of course.

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events of the year. Is it because of the game? Nope. Is it because of the commercials? Uh uh. What about Rihanna performing at this year's half time show? That's not it either.

The whole reason why the Super Bowl has become such a staple to families and friend groups all across the nation is because of the food. Yes, Super Bowl Sunday is the shining light in a season darkness and gloom. You finish the holidays by January 1st, and you are left in a cold, wet, dismal month. What a way to start the year.

But then, in mid-February, we gave ourselves a weekend to cheat on all the New Year's Resolution diets that we had already given up on by Week 3 of January, and allow ourselves to go crazy with the best comfort food imaginable.

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Whether you like football, the commercials, the music, and the people around you or not, we can all agree that we are here for the comfort food. So put on the stretchy pants that you haven't washed since Thanksgiving, wear that oversized jersey that hides your gut, and chow down!

When it comes to comfort food, what is better than:


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I'm not sure if this is a staple at everyone's Super Bowl Party, but it sure was for us in college. A friend of mine always made a giant tray of Mac & Cheese. She would start off with boxes of Kraft, but then add more cheese and cream as she went on for a comfort food concoction to soothe anyone's tastebuds. Let's just face it, Mac & Cheese is the king of comfort food, and we are here to celebrate it.

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Now, for the piece de resistance: the chicken wings. There are eating competitions in honor of this fine dish. Pizza may be the bedrock of all Super Bowl Parties, but the chicken wings are the crowning jewels. Your chicken wing selection can truly make or break your party. Fortunately, we are not messing around, because we have over 20 incredible options for you to consider here in Poughkeepsie!

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