This is The Most Common Myth About The Flu and It's Dangerous
It's safe to say that we are still in the midst of flu season. There are several misconceptions about the influenza virus but the leading one seems obvious but could be overlooked.

People forget that the flu is actually a virus. We often compare it to the common cold and just shrug it off. T…
Scientists Think The 'Man Flu' is Definitely a Thing
Ladies, have you ever noticed that every time a man gets sick he acts like it's the end of the world? Though he's probably exaggerating a little bit, there may be some scientific evidence behind his feelings so don't be too quick to judge.
Does Cold Weather Really Cause Colds?
We've hit the coldest stretch of the Hudson Valley winter so far. And we've all heard the saying from our parents at some point in our life; it's cold out, you're going to catch a cold! But is that really the case?