It's safe to say that we are still in the midst of flu season. There are several misconceptions about the influenza virus but the leading one seems obvious but could be overlooked.

People forget that the flu is actually a virus. We often compare it to the common cold and just shrug it off. The influenza virus should be taken seriously. If you think you may have it you'll need antibiotics prescribed by a doctor to help fight it off.


The biggest misconception about the flu is that "it's not a big deal". It's actually quite the opposite. it's that attitude towards the virus that actually makes it all the more lethal. Remember how everyone freaked out when there was the Ebola Virus breakout? According to statistics posted in the Huffington Post the Influenza Virus responsible for more deaths last year alone than the Ebola Virus.

Doctor's recommend not taking the flu lightly. Be proactive. Vaccines don't help after the fact. If you feel flu like symptoms be sure to get treatment immediately.