Literally Just Four Clicks Could Get a Hudson Valley School $25K!
We need your help! Vote here and help try to get a school right here in the Hudson Valley new play ground and gym equipment.

Teachers are true heroes but some make an effort to go above the call of duty. Chris Keenan, a gym teacher from Arthur S. May school in Poughkeepsie is trying to rally the …
Local Coffee Shop Helping Hurricane Relief
The Hudson Valley is making a local connection this weekend with the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.You can help make a difference for victims of the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico right here locally in Poughkeepsie.
Be Aware of This in Local Parking Lots That are Under Construction
Some things may seem obvious but it never hurts to give a friendly reminder now and then. Here's a piece straight from the book of parking etiquette.

Right now, the weather is actually a perfect time to have your asphalt driveway or parking lot redone. Don't be surprised if you seem som…

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